Appalachian Trailers – Ohio and Pennsylvania Locations.

We manufacture great quality utility trailers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers, equipment trailers, and car trailers that are available for immediate pick-up at our Ohio and Pennsylvania locations.

Appalachian Trailers was born in 1994 in the farm country of Northeast Ohio. In 2003, we added an additional location in Southeast Pennsylvania in the Manheim area. Appalachian Trailers manufactures  industrial grade, high quality trailers with unique design features for the farming, construction, and car hauling industries. Our durable and competitively priced Appalachian trailers are available for pick-up at either location for the same price.

We offer the following trailer families:

Utility Trailers – The utility trailer family is built with angle iron frames with channel tongues and full width landscape gates or loading ramps incorporated into the rails. Appalachian utility trailers are available in 2,900 to 12,000 lb. GVW ratings.

Dump Trailers – Appalachian dump trailers are available in both tag-a-long and gooseneck hitch models. We offer low profile dump trailers with fenders and fixed sides as well as flatbed dump trailers with the floor over the tires. Appalachian Special dump trailers feature drop axles on the low profile line, and our unique American made triple stage cylinders on both the low profile and flatbed dump trailer models.

Gooseneck Trailers – We sell rugged gooseneck trailers constructed with I-beam and channel iron frames in 10,000 through 25,000 lb. GVW ratings. This line is available in a wide variety of models and configurations. Our standard duty gooseneck trailers are cost effective, yet well equipped. Our contractor grade line is built with heavy-duty frames and many great features. We also offer flatbed tilt gooseneck trailers that load equipment with out ramps.

Equipment Trailers – Appalachian’s equipment trailer family features both the skid steer style trailer with a low loading height, as well as traditional channel frame equipment trailers with a dovetail and swing-up loading ramps. Our pintle pull deckover equipment trailers feature all channel iron frames. We also sell tilt bed equipment trailers that are available with hydraulic tilt action or gravity tilt. The Appalachian contractor grade line is built to last and is a great long term investment.

Car Trailers – Appalachian Trailers has a full car trailer lineup with models to haul from one to four cars. Our car trailers feature unique designs. Single car trailers are available in both wood floor and diamond floor models with loading ramps or hydraulic tilt. We have both cost effective channel frame, light and standard duty models, as well as our fancy, all tubing frame, professional grade series. We also feature two car trailer tag-a-long and gooseneck hitch models. Our truck hauling gooseneck car trailer can haul dually pickups or vans with no fender clearance issues. Appalachians double deck, four-car trailer is short and easy to maneuver.

Call today, and our friendly sales staff will answer your questions and assist you in the selection of the Appalachian trailer that is perfect for your needs.