Appalachian Trailers – Ohio and Pennsylvania Locations.

Appalachian Trailers manufactures high quality utility trailers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers, equipment trailers, enclosed trailers, and car trailers for sale. Our trailers are normally stocked and available for immediate pick-up at both our Ohio and Pennsylvania locations. Due to the strong present sales environment – every model may not be in stock – but can be ordered.

Appalachian Trailers was founded in the beautiful rolling farm country of Northeast Ohio in 1994. In 2003, we added our Manheim, Pennsylvania sales facility. This location is an easy drive of thirty minutes from Harrisburg or an hour and twenty minutes from Philadelphia.

Discover Why We Are Superior in Trailer Manufacturing 

We manufacture industrial grade, durable trailers that are designed with many unique features. Farming, construction, and car hauling are some key industries that use our trailers. Our long lasting and competitively priced Appalachian trailers can be purchased for the same price from either of our locations.

Discover Our Wide Range of Trailers

Appalachian Trailers are offered in the following families:

Our Utility Trailers and Haulers

Utility Trailers

Our utility trailers are constructed with angle iron frames, angle or tubing top rails, channel tongues, and full width landscape gates that are also made to lay down in the bed for empty transport. These models are available in GVWR’s ranging from 2,900 to 12,000 lb.

Standard and Contract Grade Dump Trailers

Dump Trailers

Appalachian dump trailers are offered in both tag-a-long and gooseneck hitch models. We manufacture low profile dump trailers with fenders and fixed sides as well as flatbed dump trailers with the deck over the tires. Appalachian Special dump trailers feature drop axles on the low profile line, and our unique American made triple stage cylinders on both the low profile and flatbed dump trailer versions.

Our Gooseneck Trailer Line

Gooseneck Trailers

Our rugged gooseneck trailers are built with I-beam and channel iron frames in GVWR’s ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 lb. This line is available in a wide variety of models and configurations. Our standard duty gooseneck trailers are cost effective, yet well equipped. Our contractor grade line is built with heavy-duty frames and many great features. We also offer flatbed tilt gooseneck trailers that load equipment with out ramps.

Our Equipment Trailers for Sale

Equipment Trailers

Appalachian’s equipment trailer family features both the skid steer style trailers as well as traditional channel iron frame equipment trailers. Appalachian’s skid steer trailers feature drop axles for a low, easy to load, deck height. Our pintle pull deckover equipment trailers feature all channel iron frames. We also sell tilt bed equipment trailers that are available with hydraulic tilt action or gravity tilt. The Appalachian contractor grade line is built to last and is a great long term investment.

Car Trailers for Secure Transport

Car Trailers

Appalachian Trailers builds a complete lineup of car trailer models that are capable of hauling from one to four cars. Our car trailers feature unique designs. Single car trailers are available in both wood floor and diamond floor models with loading ramps or hydraulic tilt. We have both cost effective channel frame, light and standard duty models, as well as our fancy, all tubing frame, professional grade series. We also feature two car trailer tag-a-long and gooseneck hitch models. Our truck hauling gooseneck car trailer can haul dually pickups or vans with no fender clearance issues. Appalachians double deck, four-car trailer is short and easy to maneuver.

Comprehensive Inventory of Cargo Trailers

Cargo Trailers

Appalachian Trailers offers a variety of enclosed trailers suitable for various needs and budgets, categorized into four series: Light Duty, Standard Duty, Contractor Grade, and Professional Series. Each series is designed with durability in mind, featuring tube main rails, tube roof bows, and vertical wall posts. The trailers range from entry-level models with basic features to professional-grade options equipped with stylish and functional upgrades for specific uses like car and motorcycle transport.

Why Choose Appalachian for Your Trailer Needs? 

Customer Service Excellence in Trailer Sales

We’re not just here to sell trailers — We provide comprehensive customer service that includes providing you with a maintenance manual and answering any questions you may have.

Our Trailers are Built to Last

Our commitment to durability is evident in reconstruction. We use high-quality materials designed to endure tough conditions. Whether for personal or professional use, these trailers offer long-term reliability, ensuring that your investment is secure and performs well over time.

We Have Financing Options

Our trailer financing allows you to purchase the right trailer without financial strain, making it easier to manage expenses while acquiring essential equipment. To apply for financing, click here.

Trailer Accessories and Upgrades Available

To enhance your trailer’s functionality and performance, Appalachian Trailers offers a selection of accessories and upgrades. From skid steer attachments to additional lighting features, these options allow you to customize your trailer to meet specific needs and preferences.

Frequent Updates with Resources and Information

Our team frequently provides resources and information that can help you make the best use of your trailer, ensuring you are well-informed about our latest tips. To view our latest resources, check out our blog page.

Standard and Contractor Grades 

Many of our trailers are available in Standard and Contractor Grades. The Standard models offer reliable quality for regular use, while the Contractor Grade trailers are designed for heavy-duty applications, providing enhanced features and robust construction for demanding tasks.

Standard Grade: Tailored to Every Need

Appalachian Trailers offers two distinct grades of trailers to cater to various usage intensities. The Standard grade is perfect for everyday use, providing reliability and efficiency for routine tasks.

Contractor Grade: Built for the Toughest Jobs

On the other hand, the Contractor grade is engineered for heavy-duty applications, featuring robust construction and enhanced capabilities to handle demanding work environments and heavier loads. This grade ensures durability and performance when you need it most.

Need Help Choosing the Right Trailer for Your Vehicle?

If you need assistance choosing a trailer that is compatible with your vehicle’s hitch, our sales representatives can help. With years of experience in the trailer industry, we have a reliable team that can help you choose a trailer that’s the right weight for your hauling capacity.

Contact Appalachian Trailers, a Trailer Manufacturing Plant in Ohio

Our sales representatives can help you select the perfect trailer for your hauling needs. Our trailers are manufactured at our Northeast Ohio plant and are available for pickup at our Ohio or Pennsylvania locations for the same price! Call 330-277-4141 today!

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