Utility Trailers for Sale

Appalachian Trailers offers single and tandem axle utility trailers in landscape trailer style with top rails and full width landscape gates in Light Duty, Standard Duty, and Contractor Grade offerings.

Single Axle Utility Trailers

Our single axle models feature 3,500 lb. axles with 15″ radial tires. These are available in Standard Duty configuration with angle iron top rails. The Contractor Grade is built with tubing top rails and other great upgrades. It features an angle iron bottom main frame, channel iron tongue, and square tubing top rails. It comes standard with a full width 4′ tall landscape gate. Full DOT approved lighting and reflective tape add great value to this utility trailer.

Tandem Axle Utility Trailers

Appalachian tandem axle landscape style trailers are ideal for the homeowner or professional landscaper. This trailer is available in three grades of frame. The Light Duty versions feature a 3×3 angle bottom frame with 2×2 angle top rails and DOT approved stud mount lights. The Standard Duty models upgrade to 3×3 angle top rails with upgraded sealed beam lighting. Contractor Grade adds heavy duty rectangular tubing top rails, molded wiring harness with LED lighting, and our best brand of tires.

Utility Trailers – Series and Capacity Choices

Appalachian builds Utility Trailers in Light Duty, Standard Duty and Contractor Grade packages. There are multiple capacity ratings available in both Standard Duty and Contractor Grade. There are 3,500 lb., 5,200 lb., and 6,000 lb. axle choices. Tires are matched to axle capacities. We use premium radial tires on our Contractor Grade trailers.

Contact Us Today For Utility Trailers

Our sales representatives can help you select the perfect utility trailer for your hauling needs. Our trailers are manufactured at our Northeast Ohio plant and are available for pickup at our Ohio or Pennsylvania locations for the same price! Call 330-277-4141 today!