Air Brake Pintle Flatbed Trailers

Appalachian offers Air Brake Pintle Flatbed Trailers in both two-axle and three-axle configurations. These flatbed trailers feature 14″ I-Beam main frame construction, with 8″ channel outer rails, and 4″ channel cross members. The cross members are pierced through the main frame with 16″ spacing. The air brake axles ride on Hutchen’s style slipper suspension. Tires are 215 75R 17.5 Load Range H. Oak flooring is standard on the floor, dovetail, and spring loaded standard swing-up loading ramps.

We also offer optional hydraulic 8ft. oak lined ramps on both the two and three axle models. A more gradual loading angle that these longer ramps provide is usually necessary for loading low clearance paving equipment. These ramps are let down or lifted with the touch of a button on the hydraulically actuated system. These ramps are very convenient for loading any and all equipment, besides paving equipment, that is typically hauled on airbrake flatbed trailers. 25′ is standard length on two axle with 30′ optional length. 30′ length is standard on the three axle model – with 35′ optional length. Appalachian’s Air Brake Pintle Flatbed Trailers are built to high quality standards for construction industry trailers.

Two Axle Air Brake Pintle Flatbed Trailer

Three Axle Air Brake Pintle Flatbed Trailer

Rear View 8ft. Hydraulic Ramps

Notched Side Wheel Wells

Easy Loading Angle with 8ft. Hydraulic Ramps