3 Car Trailers

Welcome to Appalachian’s Wedge Car Haulers page, where we are introducing our new engineered frame CHECKMATE 3 Car Trailer.

Contrary to claims by our competition of having the lightest 3 car trailer on the market at 5,100 pounds, our Deluxe version of this trailer (with two 7,000lb. spring axles) has a CAT Scale certified weight of 4,760 pounds, including spare tire, aluminum ramps, 12 over the wheel soft tie downs, two 12,000lb. drop foot jacks, tool box, and Heavy Grate Mesh floor that allows you to tie down the tires of the car directly to the floor of the trailer.

3 Car trailer for hauling3 Car Trailer Hauler

With such a light finished weight, you may wonder “what corners did they cut” to produce this trailer? The answer is none. No corners were cut. This trailer is simply the product of hundreds of hours of engineering, computer aided design, special high strength, light weight materials, and testing. We have also done destructive testing to ensure that when you buy Appalachian’s CHECKMATE 3 Car Trailer you are not only getting the lightest three car trailer on the market, but also one of the strongest and most durable.

So what did some of our testing include? Well, we decided to load a Class 8 Semi Tractor on the trailer and see what happened. Our test tractor weighed 18,370 pounds as driven onto the trailer. We did acquire a set of Heavy Duty 8ft. aluminum ramps to load with, as the 8ft. aluminum ramps that come with this trailer are only rated for an 8,000 pound vehicle. See how the trailer fared in our video below.

Disclaimer – Do NOT haul a Class 8 Semi Tractor on your new CHECKMATE 3 Car Trailer. It will void your warranty and you will take out the first low bridge you come to (or it will take you out!)

Again, you can be certain that you are buying not only the lightest 3 Car Wedge available – but also a very strong and durable 3 car hauler. Cutting Edge is a fair description! At the heart of the frame of this trailer is high strength, special manufactured, lightweight 3×3 square tubing. Our manufacturing process has this rolled main frame steel tube in a continuous arch from headboard to tailboard. There is no transition point sticking up to catch a low riding sports car. The engineered steel pieces that connect the top and bottom frames are also special high strength steel. These unique design and materials features were created by our team of engineers to bring you not just the lightest wedge car hauler you can buy, but also, a frame that will stand up to hundreds of thousands of miles of use in a normal working environment.

Appalachian has 3 U.S. Patents Pending on the overall design as well as some of the unique to the class features of this fine car hauler.

Be the first to be seen on the road with this eye catching new Wedge Car Hauler. We offer it in two grades:

The Deluxe Version – comes with two 7,000lb. spring axles and 10 ply rating radials. A spare tire is included. Heavy Duty grate mesh, dual 12,000 lb drop foot jacks, 8ft. aluminum ramps, and all LED lights. Extra running lights are a cool feature of this trailer – with 9 per side. The 18x18x36 lockable toolbox will have 12 over the wheel soft tie downs with ratchets in it when you take delivery of your trailer.  As described here, this trailer weighs 4,760lbs. (certified CAT platform scale weight). This model, fully equipped, as described, will cost you $12,999 for a limited introductory time only. We sell it to work with two fifth wheel hitch height ranges. Either 39-44″ fifth wheel height, or 45-50″ fifth wheel height. You must have an accurate fifth wheel height measurement to order – so we can get you the right configuration.

wedge-car-trailer aluminum ramp wedge car hauler

The Pro Version, which we recommend you buy – comes with two 8,000lb. smooth riding Torsion axles. Massive 3&3/8ths inch brakes give you superior stopping power. The shoes on these brakes are twice as thick as the 12″x2″ brakes on 7,000lb. axles. You get 60% more stopping power, and the brakes last will last twice as long due to the extra thick brake shoe material. 14 ply G Range Rating All Steel Radials are also included on the Pro Version – as well as – a 14 ply rating spare tire. The Pro Version with Torsion axles also comes with a 72″ axle spread between the 2 axles for superior stability. The Heavy Grate Mesh Floor and 12 over the wheel soft tie downs come in the 18x18x36 lockable toolbox. This enables you to tie down each wheel directly to the floor. 8ft. Aluminum ramps as well as a night lighting package are included. This allows you to easily and safely tie down your cars at night if you get caught after dark.

Price for the Pro Version? Glad you asked. Our price is the best you will find. We do not plan to get rich on this trailer, but do want to get them out on the road. These trailers are proudly built at our Appalachian plant in Salem, Ohio. The price is only $16,999. Just say “Buckeye” and take $2,000 off this price, for a net cost of $14,999 for the first 100 customers that buy a CHECKMATE 3 Car Trailer with the Pro Package. The Pro Package model is also available to work with two fifth wheel hitch height ranges. These are either 39-44″ fifth wheel height, or 45-50″ fifth wheel height. You must have an accurate fifth wheel height measurement to order – so we can get you the right configuration.

These trailers are in stock and available for pickup at our Salem, Ohio plant location. We can also ship your trailer to our Pennsylvania location. Add $500 freight per trailer to pick up at our Manheim, Pennsylvania location.

We know it’s busy out there in the Fast Lane, but when you are out there – keep an eye out for Appalachian’s new Checkmate 3 Car Trailer. We’ll be there too!