Equipment Trailers for Sale

Appalachian Trailers builds a full line of rugged and functional equipment trailers in three different styles: These are the traditional channel iron frame with fenders and the floor even with the top of the frame, angle iron frame skid steer style with the floor down in the frame, and flatbed equipment trailers that have the floor over the tires. This type of trailer is commonly called a “deckover” or “pintle pull”. Hauling capacities range from 7,000 lb. to 25,000 lb. GVWR’s – or light duty to heavy duty. All our equipment trailers are built with high quality workmanship, heavy duty construction features, and sold at great prices! We challenge you to check us out before you buy!!

Traditional Equipment Trailers

This style of trailer has an all channel iron frame. The floor is even with the top of the frame but sits down in between the fenders. This lineup is available in a Light duty version with a 5″ channel frame and 7,000 GVW rating. Our 10,000 and 12,000 GVW rating models come in both Standard duty and Contractor Grade versions with a 6″ channel frame. Appalachian’s top of the line 15,000 GVWR  Contractor grade model is built with a rugged 8″ channel iron frame. This trailer also has super heavy duty 4″ channel spring-assisted, swing-up loading ramps for loading today’s heavier skid steers, rubber tracked loaders, and mini excavators. We also build this traditional style of equipment trailer in a hydraulic tilt model. This is ideal for loading paving equipment rollers and other equipment where ramps are not suitable.

Skid Steer Trailers

We also build equipment trailers in a skid steer trailer style with angle iron frames. These models are available with both straight and drop axles. Appalachian skid steer equipment trailers are constructed with a 6″ angle iron frame. The floor is lower, which makes getting your equipment on and off the trailer safer. Special Contractor grade skid steer equipment trailers are built with drop axles for really easy loading of equipment. We also offer the skid steer style trailer in two gravity tilt models – a full floor tilt and a model with a fixed front deck and tilting rear section. All our finest features are standard on our Appalachian Special models!

Flatbed Equipment Trailers

Flatbed equipment trailers that have the floor over the tires are referred to in the industry as “deckovers” or “pintle pulls”. These trailers feature channel or I-beam main frames. Ratings start at 10,000 GVWR and go up to our 25,000 GVWR tandem dual model. We offer both swing up loading ramps as well as a tilting deck flatbed for loading without ramps. All our Contractor grade trailers include premium features. Crossmember spacing is closer, an adjustable coupler is standard, along with a 12,000 lb. drop foot jack, tool box with lockable lid, and rub rails on the stake pockets. The lighting package is a US made sealed modular wiring harness with lifetime LED lights and full reflective tape. Appalachian’s rugged equipment trailers are built to last. They will give you many years of service for your investment.

You won’t find a more complete lineup anywhere than is offered by Appalachian Trailers!


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