Appalachian’s premium contractor grade flatbed equipment trailers feature a low loaded deck height. This important feature makes it easier and safer to load and haul your equipment. We offer this model in 15,000, 16,000 and 20,000 lb. GVW ratings. The 15,000 GVWR model is built with an 8″ channel frame and 7,000 lb. axles. The 16,000 GVWR model is built with an 10″ I-beam frame. The 20,000 GVWR model has a 12″ I-beam frame with 6″ channel side rails. All have 16″ cross member spacing with stake pockets and rub rails. The 20,000 GVWR model has 8,000 lb. axles with 12 1/4″x3 3/8″ heavy duty brakes with 215/17.5 16 ply rating radial tires. These brakes give outstanding stopping power and long life. A pop-up dovetail is a popular option on these models. It allows you to haul hay in the up position and gives cleated traction in the down position for loading rubber tired equipment. All these great features and options make this deckover flatbed trailer stand out from the competition.