Flatbed Tilt Gooseneck Trailers

Appalachian’s Flatbed Tilt Gooseneck Trailers with full width bed, knife-edge toeplates, and dovetail has an easy loading angle for large rubber-tired farm or track equipment. The gravity tilt bed has a damper cylinder for smooth tilting action. This trailer is ideal for hauling round bales. The heavy duty all channel iron frame features close crossmember spacing and 8″ channel outer rails. A US made sealed modular wiring harness with lifetime LED lighting ensures a trouble free electrical package. The 8,000 lb. axles with 12 1/4″x3 3/8″ heavy duty brakes and 215/17.5 16 ply rating RADIAL tires combine a heavy duty running gear with fantastic stopping power. This heavy duty frame and running gear package sets these flatbed tilt gooseneck trailers apart from the competition.