Utility Trailer, Dump Trailer, Gooseneck Trailer, Equipment Trailer, and Car Trailer Sales

Appalachian Trailers understands a customer’s need to find a great quality trailer at a great price. Under new ownership since October 2008, the company is focused on delivering a low-cost, high value product with great attention to detail.

The LIGHT DUTY category contains Utility Trailers in single and tandem axle versions, and Car Trailers in both wood and diamond floor models. The homeowner or handyman can find a great value Utility Trailer or Car Trailer in this section of our website.

The STANDARD DUTY product line includes a wide variety of Utility Trailers, Dump Trailers, and Equipment Trailers in both fender and deckover styles. Available in both bumper pull and gooseneck hitch versions, these Dump Trailer and Equipment Trailer products are both durable and cost-effective for the average user.

The CONTRACTOR GRADE line offers premium Dump Trailers, Gooseneck Trailers, and Equipment Trailers for heavy-duty use. These trailers have all the best components as standard features; such as a heavy-duty frame with close cross member spacing, radial tires, lockable toolbox with lid, heavy-duty drop-foot jack, and adjustable hitch. A Dump Trailer, Gooseneck Trailer, or Equipment Trailer from the Contractor Grade series is a long lasting and durable investment.

The CONTRACTOR GRADE series also contains several APPALACHIAN SPECIAL models. These special Dump Trailers and Equipment Trailers have all the standard features of the contractor grade series, but also include drop axles with heavy-duty slipper spring suspension as well as three stage hydraulic cylinders on the Dump Trailer models and drop axles with super duty frames on the Equipment Trailer models. These trailers are built to last!

The PROFESSIONAL SERIES CAR TRAILERS are available in one, two, three, and four car hauling capacities. This wide variety Car Trailer lineup offers unique, lightweight and durable, user-friendly Car Trailers for the restored car owner, the car dealer, as well as the professional who hauls for a living.