Utility Trailers for Sale in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Appalachian Trailers offers single and tandem axle utility trailers in landscape trailer style with top rails and a full width landscape gate, as well as flatbed utility trailers, in both wood and diamond floors, with rear slide-in loading ramps.

Our single axle utility trailers feature 3,500 lb. axles with 15″ tires. This model is great for hauling your mower, 4-wheeler, or general utility use. It features an all angle iron frame with angle iron top rails and a channel iron tongue. It comes standard with a full width 4′ tall landscape gate or you can order it with ramps that slide into the rails in front of the fenders. Full DOT approved lighting and reflective tape add great value to this utility trailer. This version is ideal for hauling your 4-wheeler through the woods for hunting.

Our tandem axle landscape style utility trailers with top rails are ideal for the homeowner or professional landscaper. We also offer this trailer with loading ramps that are incorporated into the rails in front of the fenders. This is our ATV model. You can load 4-wheelers from the side of the trailer. This trailer is available in two grades of frame. The light duty versions feature a 3×3 angle bottom frame with 2×2 angle top rails and DOT approved stud mount lights. The standard duty models upgrade to 3×3 angle top rails with upgraded sealed beam lighting. Standard duty are available in three capacity ratings that use 3,500 lb. axles on 7,000 GVWR. Heavier capacities are also available with 5,200 lb. axles and 8 ply rating 15″ tires on the 10,000 GVWR or 6,000 lb. axles with 16″ 10 ply rating tires on the 12,000 GVWR. The frame and rear gate are also beefed up on this model for loading heavier equipment such as a skid steer.