Skid Steer Attachments for Sale in Ohio

Appalachian stocks a complete line of Skid Steer Attachments for sale in Ohio. You can view product pictures and videos below of some of our available attachments for equipment trailers. American Attachments are made in the US by American craftsmen. They utilize top quality steel and materials. A full line of products are available. Brush Cutters, Snow Plows, Snow Pushers, Root Grapples, and Pallet Forks are just a few of the popular selling items. Traditional Skid Steer Buckets are available. We also have high-capacity buckets for snow and litter removal. Our Stump Buckets, with aggressive side teeth, will help you pry stubborn stumps out the ground. A featured product video also demonstrates tree removal with our Tree and Post Puller. All of our attachments are high quality and are manufactured by American Attachments company.

Our skid steer trailer attachments are in stock and ready for immediate pick up at our Salem, Ohio location. We are an easy drive from Canton, Youngstown, Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Elyria, and Cuyahoga Falls or anywhere else in northeast and central Ohio.

Call 1-330-277-4141 to speak to one of our sales representatives. You can see the full American Attachments product line by clicking below on their website link.

American Attachments


skid steer attachments for sale in ohio


American Attachments Brush Cutter is a tough and rugged machine built to handle mowing and land clearing jobs. We carry these skid steer attachments for sale in Ohio in three different series – Super Duty, Heavy Duty and Standard Duty. They are available in 60” or 72” width. The Super Duty model has a 6” cutting capacity with a standard flow of 16-26 Gallons per Minute. The Heavy Duty model has a 4” cutting capacity with a standard flow of 14-20 Gallons per Minute. The Standard Duty model has a 3” cutting capacity with a standard flow of 14-20 Gallons per Minute.

skid steer snow plow for sale in ohio

Our hydraulic snow plows are offered in five sizes, 72”, 84”, 96” 108” and 120”. They can be angled 30 degrees to handle the toughest snow.


skid steer snow pusher for sale in ohio

American Attachments Snow Pusher is offered in four sizes, 84”, 96”, 108” and 120”. It is designed to move a high volume of snow and makes snow removal quicker and easier.





skid steer root grapple for sale in ohio

A Root Grapple is a great tool for moving piles of debris or storm clean up. For the occasional user, we carry an economy line of Root Grapples. For commercial use, we have the Heavy Duty. The Economy series is available in 60”, 66” and 72” sizes and the Heavy Duty line is offered in 66”, 72”, 78” and 84” sizes.


skid steer pallet forks for sale in ohio

American Attachments Pallet Forks are a useful tool for any skid steer owner. We have a Heavy Duty and a Standard Duty option. The Heavy Duty has a lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds with 48” tines and the Standard Duty has a lifting capacity of 2,800 pounds with 42” tines.


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