Dump Trailers for Sale in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Dump trailers are Appalachian Trailers specialty! We offer a wide variety of capacities and styles with excellent quality workmanship and great prices. We challenge you to check us out before you buy!! We offer dump trailers in the popular low profile style with the floor down in between the fenders. These models are available with both straight axles and drop axles. We also build the flatbed style with the floor over the tires. These models are built with a headboard and tailgate assembly that allow you to add wooden sides that slide in to the headboard and tailgate.

We offer three different grades of dump trailers in both the low profile and flatbed (deckover) styles. Standard duty, Contractor grade, and Appalachian Special Contractor grade.

Standard duty dump trailers are available in 10,000 and 12,000 lb. GVW ratings. These models are built with an a-frame coupler and straight jack. Our standard wiring package includes sealed beam lighting. Optional loading ramps mounted on the fenders with d-rings in the floor and barn doors tailgate allow loading of equipment. Contractor grade dump trailers are available in 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000 lb. GVW ratings. These models come standard with great value added upgrades in a package deal. An adjustable coupler and drop foot jack are now standard. The Low Profile line includes standard loading ramps that slide in under the floor. A two way combo tailgate opens as barn doors or can be used in dump and spread mode. Slide in loading ramps are optional on Contractor Grade Deckover models. We add a US made sealed modular wiring harness with lifetime LED lights. All of these features apply to both the low profile style with fenders or the flatbed style with the floor over the tires. Appalachian Special Contractor grade includes all of the great features in the contractor grade package and adds drop axles on the low profile models along with our proprietary high quality US made three stage cylinders on both low profile and flatbed style dump trailers for powerful dumping action.