Equipment Trailers for Sale in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Appalachian Trailers builds a full line of durable equipment trailers. We offer a wide variety of styles in hauling capacities ranging from light duty to heavy duty with excellent quality workmanship and great prices. We challenge you to check us out before you buy!! We offer equipment trailers with all channel iron frames and the floor down in between the fenders. We also build equipment trailers in a skid steer hauler style with angle iron frames. These models are available with both straight axles and drop axles. In addition, we offer equipment trailers in both gravity and hydraulic tilt models which allows you to load without ramps. We also offer deckover flatbed equipment trailers with the floor over the tires.

Our most popular style of fender equipment trailer is built with an all channel iron frame. This line is available in a Light duty version with a 5″ channel frame and 7,000 GVW rating, a Standard duty version with a 6″ channel frame in 10,000 and 12,000 GVW ratings, and Contractor grade versions with a 6″ channel frame in 10,000 GVW rating or 8″ channel frame in 15,000 GVW rating. Our Contractor grade trailers include all our best features – which are described in the section below.

Appalachian also offers equipment trailers in skid steer style with angle iron frame runners. This allows the floor to sit lower. Our Standard duty version features a 6″ angle frame and is available in 10,000 and 12,000 GVW ratings. Our Appalachian Special Contractor grade skid steer equipment trailers are built with drop axles for really easy loading of equipment. We also offer the skid steer style trailer in two gravity tilt models – a full floor tilt and a fixed front tilt with a tilting rear section. This Appalachian Special version has drop axles. Appalachian also offers a hydraulic tilt equipment trailer with an 8″ channel main frame. Our flatbed deckover equipment trailers feature all channel iron frames in ratings from 10,000 to our 25,000 GVWR tandem dual model. All our Contractor grade trailers include all our best features, such as close crossmember spacing, an adjustable coupler, 12,000 lb. drop foot jack, tool box with lockable lid, and rub rails on the stake pockets. The lighting package is a US made sealed modular wiring harness with lifetime LED lights and full reflective tape. Appalachians rugged equipment trailers are built to last and give outstanding value for your investment. You won’t find a more complete lineup anywhere than is offered by Appalachian Trailers!